You should know where your oil comes from - but do you know the state it is in?


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We only use and recommend penrite engine oil and have done since 2009. Drop in today to make a booking or get a price on your next oil change.

Oil sludge can build up until it eventually blocks oil galleries, preventing the normal flow of oil throughout the engine. Severely reducing the wear protection the oil is there to provide, excessive oil sludge can mean some areas of the engine become 'Starved" of oil meaning required lubrication of moving parts is not occuring and the ability of the engine to "lose" heat is severely restricted. As a result, the engine, radiator and cooling system all have to work harder to produce the same amount of power a well serviced engine would. This usually results in increased wear and component failure across many systems, not just the engine.

 Oil Sludge Effects Bundaberg

You have little control over sump size, engine design or the efficiency of the cooling system in your car, some of the contributors to the formation of sludge, but you can influence many of the other known causes. These include the quality of the oil you use, how often you have your car serviced or by ssupplementing the recommended service procedures to comensate for the way you use your vehicle, such as having "extra" oil changes between schedueld services.

If your engine feels a little sluggish or you cant remember the last time you had a proper oil change, not just a top up, call us or drop in to J & K's Mechancial and let us check the state of your oil.

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